Meet Attorney Anne-Marie Hall Palmieri: Your Advocate in Adoption

Get to know Attorney Anne-Marie Hall Palmieri. Her unique blend of empathy, expertise, and experience shapes a practice dedicated to guiding families through the transformative journey of adoption.

Meet the Heart Behind Our Practice: Attorney Anne-Marie Hall Palmieri

Attorney Anne-Marie Hall Palmieri is not just a legal expert; she is a dedicated advocate with a deeply personal connection to the world of adoption. As an adoptee herself, she brings an unparalleled level of empathy and understanding to her practice, making her a unique and powerful ally for those navigating the adoption process.

Graduating with honors in Psychology and Political Science from Suffolk University in 2008, Anne-Marie's academic background laid the foundation for her insightful approach to family law. Her journey in law continued at New England Law in Boston, where she honed her skills and deepened her understanding of the legal intricacies of adoption and family law, culminating in her admission to the Massachusetts and New Hampshire Bars in 2015.

A Legacy of Compassion in Adoption Law

Working alongside her mother, Attorney Margaret Cunnane Hall, Anne-Marie gained invaluable experience in the field, representing both birth mothers and adoptive families in numerous successful adoptions. This experience not only solidified her legal expertise but also deepened her commitment to the emotional well-being of her clients.
Her practice today reflects a blend of professional acumen and personal care. Whether she's guiding adoptive parents through the complexities of the process, offering support to birth mothers, or navigating the legalities of adult adoptions, Anne-Marie's approach is always characterized by compassion, thoroughness, and a deep commitment to her clients' needs.

Attorney Palmieri's work extends beyond traditional adoption services. Recognizing the evolving landscape of family creation, she has also immersed herself in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology, offering legal guidance to those exploring these modern avenues to parenthood. In every aspect of her practice, Anne-Marie Hall Palmieri stands as a beacon of hope, support, and expertise. Her dedication to building families and her comprehensive understanding of the law make her an invaluable resource for anyone embarking on the journey of adoption.

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